Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Choosing a bike

Now , we talked about price and that the Honda 750 is a popular Cafe,
but another good bike to start with is the Kawasaki KZ650!
Not too many people go with kawasaki Cafe style..
Why is that? Because everyone wants the Honda and thats where the after market parts are..
But the great thing about Kawasaki is that they are just as good and reliable and you can get them a little cheaper than the Honda 750..
What's the downside?
It's a little bit harder to get the custom stuff that you would be able to get for the Honda..
But it can be done! (soon I will post a ton of sites where you can find these things)

When buying a bike you will want to buy something from the 70's or earlier..
The reason being is that when you get into the 80's style bikes they changed their
frames/swing arms. You want the seat half to be straight and not angled (it can be done, but takes more time and work, that means MORE MONEY!)

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