Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting started / and what you will need!

When you start thinking (I want something cool , something different , something Nobody see's everyday..) Well look no further than a CAFE RACER!!! Cafe Racers are fast,fun and no matter where you go, everyone looks when you pull up on one!
When you first start out you are going to want something that runs good and all important things work!
Do not set your budget too high! Lets say you wanna do it for $5000 to $6000
Thats too high! You wanna stay in between $3000 to $4000 and always count on something fucking up and not going your way...
For instance you buy the bike everything looks good and then.. OH SHIT! bad fork seals, or , carburetors need rebuilt.. Count on the smaller things going out like
relay/fuses/brake line/cables/tach drive/spark plugs stuff like that..
Ok so now you might wanna know how much to get that starter bike for,
NO MORE THAN $1500!!
For $1500 you should be able to find a good running bike and thats in good shape.

Now What kinda bikes are good for a Cafe Racer on a low budget?
LOTS but one of the most popular is the Honda 750. The HONDA 750 is a very good reliable motorcycle!

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