Friday, March 5, 2010

Sold my KZ650 Today :(

So today I broke down and sold my 1978 KZ 650 (tear) but did get some good money for it I guess.. This was going to be my next Cafe build and money spender, So what the heck happened?! Well my freakin girlfriend wanted to go snowboarding in keystone "sigh" So I gave in and sold my other love. This was the most perfect bike to turn into a good looking Cafe Racer!
I pretty much stole this bike when I bought it for a whopping $600!!! thats right I said $600. The guy I bought it from was laid off from Aircraft after being there 25 years and had to sell it for some cash.
So after checking it out I gave him the cash and road off into the sunset "literally" . The guy that just bought the KZ is a new rider and was really into the bike , so I'm happy its with a good owner now! Im not too bummed because I still have other bikes and lots of time..

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